Racquet Stringing

Lead stringer Bryan Richter was trained to string on tour and has worked on the Wilson Stringing Team at both the Miami Open and the US Open. We string on a Wilson Bairdo constant-pull machine. We use the around-the-world (ATW) string pattern that is widely used on tour. This technique ensures all racquets are strung as one-piece and top-down to achieve the most accurate and long-lasting tensions while relieving the frame of as much stress as possible.

All racquets are strung to player specifications. If no other specifications are provided, the ATW one-piece stringing is used. Hybrid’s are all strung as a two piece. Next working day service is offered and consistent durability and tension is guaranteed.

We have a selection of string if you do not have your own and you can pick up and drop off racquets to restring at:

Lake Jovita Golf & Country Club, 12900 Lake Jovita Blvd., Dade City, Florida 33525 (Map)

Watch a video of Bryan winning the title at the Wilson’s World  Fastest Racquet Stringing Championship with a time of 8:46.