Our coaching services are offered through Pure Pace Tennis Academy, a high performance tournament training program for highly committed tennis players, as well as through Lake Jovita Tennis, a recreation program for players of all ages.

Our coaching services are offered at the following locations:

Lake Jovita Golf & Country Club, 12900 Lake Jovita Blvd., Dade City, Florida 33525 (Map)

Arbor Greene Community Center, 18000 Arbor Greene Dr, Tampa, FL 33647 “(Map)

The mission of Pure Pace Tennis Academy is to provide coaching services that accelerate the development of competitive tennis players. Our program provides full service development including a developmental plan to help organize and guide on court practice, off court training, and tournament scheduling. Every player’s training is individualized and nurtured following the core values of our program. This results in a sustained consistent development and success on and off the court. Our core values are:

  1. Humble. Careful with attitude, speech, and actions. Do what is correct. Be helpful to others.
  2. Respect. Always give 100%, follow etiquette, great sportsmanship.
  3. Learn. Growth mindset, every day get better, listen well, push yourself, be willing to be uncomfortable.


Maksim Lukic (21′), 11.56
Cooper Han (25′), 11.51
Evan Burnett (24′), 11.34, University of Texas
Tim Berthier (19′), 10.99, University of Indiana (Offer)
Mick Tamas (22′), 10.28, Bowdoin College
Levi Vigdorchik (18′), 10.04, University of Lynchburg
Zach Lamm (20′), 9.43
Luke Jensen (22′), 9.23
Ava Martin (23′), 9.35, University of Wisconsin
Jacob Callahan (22′), 8.79